Sub Startup Parade Apps: Experience Unfold

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With special guest list from nation wide. From Tech Geeks, Creative entrepreneur to young litterateur from Surabaya. Captivate Surabaya x Continuum comes with brand new experience and talk shows.

Sub start up parade gives local the image of creativepreneurs and technology needs in current age of millennials. Held in Satu Atap Co Workspace, this third event of Captivate Surabaya is no less attractive than its predecessor. Variety of workshop and talk shows has become face of these events. Sub Start up Parade have undoubted guestlist like Ahyari Hananto as GNFI Founder, Iman Sjafei as Co-Founder, Kimo Rizky as Double Deer Founder, Marchella F.P. as Generasi90an Founder and many others.

Spread from august to September, SSUP bring new view for Surabaya curious youth. Visitor enthusiasm in exploring modern knowledge on creativity in business. For example, Marchella, Generasi90an brings memories to 90s Generation and publish it through books and online platform. As its business may develop to many things and collaboration have been such important roles in its development.

Along with the event, Continuum waft new experience in VR and AR technology. Playable content and event infographics which accompany visitor with joyful tour through the whole events.

VR Mini Arcade: Come and Enjoy!


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Back in our Vr Mini Arcade x . #ExperienceNext

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While amazed in the events itself, visitor can engage experience in playable VR arcade. Not only that, serious game geeks may compete in the prize pooled shooting competition. Many visitors are drown in the Virtual world. VR arcade bring new excitement into modern arcade which is a culture to locals. For example “Drop Death” which is a shooting VR game that push their player to reach highest score. Some visitor at evening session may seek for a thrilling adventure of Virtual world “Face your Fear” can be an option. Along with other games and apps, VR arcade is enjoyable and yet challenging things to try in SSUP.1

AR “Nostalgic” Treasure Hunt with Generasi 90an

Continuum wants to introduce new way of activation beside mainstream social media platform. Collaborating with Generasi90an and Captivate, AR Treasure hunt bring memories to 90s time. Such as Cartoon, Movies, Songs, Artist, and many other things that hyped back then. Visitor are brought back to past 90s with trivia challenge that should be answered. Correct answer will add points to Visitor account in their SSUP apps. Excitement soars when winners are announced with special merch and cash prize!

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